The world's first non-invasive, low-cost, paper-based cervical pre-screening solution that empowers young women to prevent cervical cancer through HPV self-tests proactively. 
Cervical cancer is the fourth biggest killer. More than 300,000 women lose their lives to this disease every year. 99% of cases are linked to HPV. It is a common virus transmitted through sexual contact. Regular cervical screening is vital for early detection and prevention. But for young women under 35, attending these screenings can be uncomfortable. Embarrassment and fear lead half of them to postpone or never attend. It's time to overcome the barriers.
Applying the overlooked menstrual blood and outdated dried blood spot technology, Viwipe provides a women-centric and accurate HPV self-test, to be easily used like toilet paper. Through free on-campus tests and community engagement, Viwipe aims to save lives and redefine cervical health's future.
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