Some of my recent works at University College London's spinout start-up AcoustoFab.
AcoustoFab revolutionizes material manipulation with acoustic levitation technology, offering versatile solutions for solids, liquids, and bio-materials. For more info:
My journey with acoustic levitation began with winning a UCL competition, leading me to contribute to its development and practical applications. Since then, I've been instrumental in bringing this technology to the market. Collaborating closely with my team, I've contributed to the creation of prototypes, market strategies, branding design, and a diverse range of practical applications, showcasing our innovations at prestigious events like CES.
Despite its seemingly magical nature, this technology represents a fusion of cutting-edge science and creative imagination. Witnessing its transition from concept to market reality has been immensely fulfilling, as it underscores my passion for brainstorming and developing emerging technologies into practical and commercially viable applications.
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